Assistance for the development of a Programme of interventions within the framework of the envelope environment envisaged by the CSP 2007-2013 in Brazil

The specific objective of the mission was:

1. To produce a framework for the interventions in the specific fields of the fight against deforestation, creation and management of the Conservation Units and the fight against climate change;
2. To produce the terms of reference (ToR), as any essential document for the mobilization of a minimum of three missions which will constitute the necessary documents for the realization of a minimum of three projects which will exhaust the envelope of the programming 2007-2013. This within the time limits in order to allow a fast and relevant beginning of the actions.
3. To produce projects of the Identification Fiches of the Projects as envisaged by the procedures of the EC and which will be defined by the mission.

Start date 2008
End date 2008
Status completed
Country Brasil
Beneficiary Government of Brazil
Funding EC
Tags South America, Environment
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