Creation of Integrated Rural Development Strategies (Leader) of five Micro-regions within the Nitra Self-governing Region

The global objective of the project was to prepare five micro-regions from the Nitra Self-governing region for the implementation of the “Leader” attitude within the Rural development program 2007 – 2013. The assignment consisted of two main tasks: Capacity building of the local development actors through organizing of facilitated community meetings, and; working out of strategic rural development documents which will identify priorities for the implementation of the structural policy of European Union and identifies projects for potential funding from EU structural funds which will give the region clear direction of the development. A part of each strategy is focused on diversification of agriculture and the use of rural tourism.

Start date 2007
End date 2007
Status completed
Country Slovakia
Beneficiary Nitra Self-governing Region
Funding Regional Self-government
Tags Slovakia, Agriculture, Regional Development
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