Establishment of Natura 2000 Network in the Slovak Republic

In this project, VVMZ acted as leader of a broad group of consortium partners and associated experts from The Netherlands and Slovakia.  VVMZ provided technical assistance to the State Nature Conservancy of the Ministry of Environment aiming at preparation for compliance with EU legislation on nature protection, particularly the Birds - and Habitats Directive. The 3 main achievements of the project were:
Establishment of the Natura 2000 Centre with staff able to identify and manage projects, develop and implement management plans for Natura 2000 sites as well as operate databases and use GIS;
Development of an operational database network and a provisional list of Natura 2000 sites;
Awareness raising for stakeholders on legislation and need for nature conservation regulation and improved public awareness on Natura 2000.
In close cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and the State Nature Conservancy, the VVMZ led consortium delivered a proposal for the Natura 2000 network. For this purpose, various existing data-bases were processed into a new Natura 2000 GIS. Through mapping funded from the project and other resources certain data were added as to achieve a more accurate demarcation of the Natura 2000 sites. The Natura 2000 network proposal was adopted by the Minstry of Environment and used as a basic proposal towards the Slovak Government, where it met critics from primarily the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Economy. The Government decided on certain changes in the proposed Natura 2000 network; the final proposal by the Slovak Government was then submitted to the European Commission for approval.

The data-base that was developed through this project is still being used by the State Nature Conservancy of the Slovak Republic.

Start date 2001
End date 2002
Status completed
Country Slovakia
Beneficiary Ministry of Environment
Funding Dutch Government, MATRA Pre-accession
Tags Slovakia, Environment
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