Identification of 10th EDF - Timor Leste Non Focal Sector - Non State Actors

The global objective was to contribute to the national policy of fighting poverty and achieving sustainable socio-economic development.
Specific objectives:
1. Prepare a strategy for EC intervention within the non-focal sector of the 10th EDF Support to the NSAs, and in line with the Government Plan
2. Review of earlier studies on NSAs in Timor-Leste, assessing the potential and the ne-eds of different categories of such actors at various organisational levels and sectors
3. Propose an appropriate role for the NSAs in the relationship between modern and tra-ditional governance institutions
4. Elaborate on actions inducive to the establishment or reinforcing of one or various re-presentative bodies of NSAs in Timor-Leste and define the necessary support towards reinforcing and building up its (their) capacity
5. assess the potential of Media and other organization in promoting Government acco-untability and transparency to citizens

Start date 2009
End date 2009
Status completed
Country Timor Leste
Beneficiary Ministry of Finances, National Authorizing Officer for EDF
Funding EDF
Tags Asia, Regional Development
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