Implementation of the Access to Public Information Act (APIA) in Bulgaria

Project management and support for implementing the APIA in Bulgaria.

Activities include:

increase the knowledge and awareness of Bulgarian citizens of APIA, support the implementation and execution of the APIA, preparing and publishing APIA information materials, developing models for availability, access and distribution of public information, institutional strengthening of the Legal Advice Office and execution of law suits, building a national network of Legal Advice Offices.

Implementation of the new law - Freedom of Information Act in Bulgaria.
Preparing brochures and training materials
Setting up and capacity building of Legal Advice Office for broad public
Design and organize training for public administration, journalists and NGOs
Public awareness and information campaign 

Start date 2003
End date 2006
Status completed
Country Bulgaria
Beneficiary Access to Information Programme
Funding MATRA
Tags South Eastern Europe, Transparency
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