Industry & Business

Industrial production.
VVMZ Industry & Business advises on setting up industrial production in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. These services include search and selection of production sites, due diligence for leasing and buying industrial property and land, negotiations and contracting for acquisition of the site, obtaining permits for production, personnel management,  public relations, and interim management. VVMZ often acts as resident representative of foreign owners or top management and specializes in establishing and maintaining positive relations with management and personnel, and with authorities and citizens.

Agriculture & Real estate.
VVMZ-PropertySlovakia advises on investments in agricultural land and in agricultural production. VVMZ also advises and manages real estate investment projects. These services include search and selection of agricultural land and management of exploitation, and complete services for development of residential and industrial property. For more information see .
Business development.
VVMZ Industry & Business provides complex services for export and import of products to Central- and Eastern Europe. These services include search and selection of distributors and buyers, or of suppliers.