Labor Pool for Young People

Institutional platform building, establishing a new employment services organization in order to improve young graduates’ abilities to succeed on the labour market in the Trnava region. Training needs and labour market analysis, cooperation with regional employers, institutional support and implementation of the training activities for young unemployed graduates. Providing competitive and free of charge services; Advocacy on labour code, employment relation, advocacy to the collective bargaining pressure; Free of charge labour force leasing; Project-oriented advocacy services; On-line advocacy services; On-line exchange of experience services; On-line selection of employees; Personnel services – outsourcing, outplacement; Encouraging mobility and flexible work force; Encouraging employers to use more competitive NGO skills in implementing different campaigns and preparation of projects; Providing only free of charge advocacy to NGOs; Testing PPP schemes for labour cooperation NGOs-employers, young unemployed people-labour pool office; Development of Action Plan for NGOs providing social services.

Start date 2005
End date 2007
Country Slovakia
Beneficiary Labour Office
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