Migralink: Integration of Migrants in the Enlarged Europe and Policies for the Return of Productive Intellect

Immigration is a complex issue in the transition process of the old EU of the 15 to the eastward enlargement of the EU for both, the new EU border areas of today and for those regions that recently have or will become EU border areas. MIGRALINK’s main goals are to strengthen transnational co-operation in the governance of immigration flows in and between the seven countries participating in the project, and to provide immigrants with concrete return opportunities, offering appropriate training and entrepreneurship support, and hence contributing also to the economic and social development of poorer regions in the new EU Member States. A transnational network of public and private organisations concerned with immigration issues will be established and serve as a platform for exchanging information. It will also define potential return strategies for immigrants who then contribute to the development of their countries of origin. Moreover, a benchmark of strategies and services to foster the social inclusion of immigrants is planned.

Start date 2005
End date 2007
Status completed
Country Multi Country
Beneficiary Italian- Slovak chamber of commerce, Italy, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro
Tags Multi-Country, Human Resources, Regional Development
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