Migravalue: Steering Economic and Social Cohesion in the Cadses Area; Valuing Migration as a Development Tool

The project aims at launching a model for the active management of migration as a key tool for the integrated economic and social development of host and source regions. It involves partners from EU as well as EU Neighbour countries, representing a broad network of public and private stakeholders, including businesses and migrants. It shall enhance the spatial cohesion of interested regions by valuing the financial and human capital of migrants. Two main objectives: 1. further the scope of the ongoing Migralink CADSES project, which focuses on productive returns, by activating sustainable systems to channel migrants’ remittances to fuel local development in home countries, sponsoring a connection with development dynamics in host regions; 2. address the social dimension of development by devising cooperative and trans-national welfare programs. Activities reflect this integrated yet twofold approach on economic and social perspectives, with analysis and concrete modelling component.

Start date 2005
End date 2007
Status completed
Country Multi Country
Beneficiary Italian- Slovak chamber of commerce, Italy, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro
Tags Multi-Country, Regional Development
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