Modernization of Civil Service in Slovakia

Component 1: Implementation of Civil Service Law:
Mapping the weaknesses of the current law and secondary legislation and proposed  relevant draft. Development internal guidelines for the CSO on how to implement the act in a unified manner and how to control the application of the act. Assistance in implementing the Civil Servants’ Code of Ethics, preparing the Civil Servants register and analyses of the necessity for the further reforms in given field.
Implementation of the efficient horizontal training programme for the civil servants in SR.

Component 2: Improvement and Continuity of the Strategy for the Reform of Public Sector Employment:
Substantial analytical work, monitoring and action according to the results of the studies. Assistance provided in order to achieve equal work conditions in different institutions of the public sector. Enhance the quality of the civil servants and to increase the public trust into public sector employees.

Component 3: Continuation and Consolidation of the Reforms Undertaken with Regards to the Organisation and Management of the Public Administration System of the SR
Technical assistance to all  public bodies responsible for the implementation of  Civil service law.

Component 4: Improving Administrative Capacity for Effective Participation in EU Decision-Making
Trainings to civil servants on different levels provided by the project team, including train-the-trainer sessions for further continuation of the trainings in public sector SR. Provision of tuition, which is based on real and direct experiences from participating in the EU decision-making process."

Start date 2005
End date 2006
Status completed
Country Slovakia
Beneficiary Civil Service Office, Ministry of Labour, Social Affaires and Family
Funding PHARE
Tags Slovakia, Human Resources
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