Raising Public Awareness of Migrants and Refugees in Support of Their Integration

Providing analysis, public awareness consultancy and researches to the partnership driven project run in cooperation with the Society of Goodwill, the Migration Office, the Slovak Humanitarian Council, and Association for Education of Self-governments, put their efforts to increase the public knowledge and tolerance towards asylum seekers /refugees/migrants coming/living in Slovakia. The goal is to produce a range of materials promoting migration policy and influencing the broader Slovak public towards understanding. The project comprises public and media campaigns through promotion of migration issues (500 posters, 10 000 leaflets, 2 documentary films and TV spots broadcasted on the STV), educational lectures for the schoolboys and schoolgirls and the broader public of host communities (700 lectures). Consultation on methodology for trainings delivered to civil servants, schools and self-governments. For providing good quality seminars and public lectures, over 15 trainers trained.

Start date 2005
End date 2007
Status completed
Country Slovakia
Beneficiary Society of Goodwill
Tags Slovakia, Human Resources
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