Technical Assistance to Phytosanitary and Veterinary Administration.

TA for the speed up the process of EU-integration in the process of approximation of a respective agricultural internal market legislation, mainly veterinary and food legislation.    read more >> End date 2000

Technical Assistance for harmonisation legislation

TA to the Ministry of Agriculture for Harmonisation of in Particular legislation and practices.    read more >> End date 1999

Slovak Programme for Enterprises with Excess Debt (SPEED)

Restructuring of companies (machinery production, knitwear, furniture, glassware).    read more >> End date 1999

Training for the Staff of the Slovak Export Information Centre (SEIC)

Organisation of local and international training for the staff of the SEIC.    read more >> End date 1999

Investment Analysis and Advice

Valuation and take-over of a 3.6 hectare glasshouse complex, project initiator, assistance and representation for foreign investor in negotiations for the take-over of the company, implementing of Dutch and local expertise.    read more >> End date 1999

Automotive Components - Sector Development Programme

Development of an export promotion plan and implementation of export promotion actions for the automotive components sector in Slovakia.    read more >> End date 1999

Rural Development Fund in the Slovak Republic

Feasibility study and setting-up of a Rural Development Fund in the Slovak Republic.    read more >> End date 1999

Restoration and Management of Meadows in Morava River Floodplain

Project aimed to elaboration of restoration plan and the restoration of 50 ha of arable soil in the floodplain of the river Morava back to species-rich meadows.    read more >> End date 1999

Rural Economic Development

Follow-up assignment aimed at the development of business activities on the Saarema and Hiuuma islands in Estonia.    read more >> End date 1999

Organisation of a businessmen meeting for the automotive supply sector

Selection of potential French clients for a group of Hungarian producers of automotive parts and components; organisation of business meetings in Paris, and visits to the French companies    read more >> End date 1999

Training Needs Assessment

Project to establish training needs among formulators of trade policy, senior officials, officials, civil servants at the Ministries of Governments of the thirteen Phare countries.    read more >> End date 1998

Study of Land Consolidation Policy

International comparison of land consolidation policies, incl. international study tours. Short study on Austrian policy in this field.    read more >> End date 1998

Slovak Exporters Needs Assessment Study

Mailing to 1,000 companies and 30 in-depth interviews to establish the exact needs for information on export regulations/markets among Slovak exporters.    read more >> End date 1998