EC-Phare Export Investment Grant Scheme

Project co-ordination and consultancy for group projects (10-30 participating companies in the project) financed by the EC-Phare Export Investment Grant Scheme.    read more >> End date 2002

Complex Protection of the Water Dam Starina

Technical assistance for elaboration of the ISPA application with all supporting documents.    read more >> End date 2002

Vocational Education in Information Technology

Co-ordination of introduction and marketing of education in information technology in Slovakia.    read more >> End date 2001

Technical Assistance to SNAZIR a.s.

Technical Assistance for the Slovak Agency for Foreign Investment Development.    read more >> End date 2000

Agricultural and Biotechnological Training and Visitors Centre and Co-Operation network - Research and Training

Creation of co-operation and information exchange network and human resources development in the field of biotechnology and food-science in Slovakia, Austria and Hungary.    read more >> End date 2000

Collateral and Collateral Law in the Slovak Republic: Financial and SME Sector Development

Analysis of problems in collateral law that limit commercial lending to SMEs, proposals to remediate those problems, organisation of talks between relevant institutions to implement improvements.    read more >> End date 2000

Establishment of the Central Agriculture Marketing Organisation in the Slovak Republic

Elaboration of feasibility study for establishment of Central Agriculture Marketing Organisation (CAMO).    read more >> End date 2000

Study Substantiating Reasons to Invest – IT Industry

A sector study analysing the development of the IT sector in CEE and in particular in Slovakia.    read more >> End date 2000

Technical Assistance to Phytosanitary and Veterinary Administration.

TA for the speed up the process of EU-integration in the process of approximation of a respective agricultural internal market legislation, mainly veterinary and food legislation.    read more >> End date 2000

Technical Assistance for harmonisation legislation

TA to the Ministry of Agriculture for Harmonisation of in Particular legislation and practices.    read more >> End date 1999

Slovak Programme for Enterprises with Excess Debt (SPEED)

Restructuring of companies (machinery production, knitwear, furniture, glassware).    read more >> End date 1999

Training for the Staff of the Slovak Export Information Centre (SEIC)

Organisation of local and international training for the staff of the SEIC.    read more >> End date 1999

Investment Analysis and Advice

Valuation and take-over of a 3.6 hectare glasshouse complex, project initiator, assistance and representation for foreign investor in negotiations for the take-over of the company, implementing of Dutch and local expertise.    read more >> End date 1999