Modernization of Civil Service in Slovakia

Mapping the weaknesses of the current law and secondary legislation and proposed relevant draft.    read more >> End date 2006

Introduction And Development Of Quality Management Within Ukrainian Police

Assessment and improvement of the legal and procedural instruments governing the Police operations ...    read more >> End date 2006

Technical Assistance To The Ministry Of Agriculture – Food Security

The specific objective was to assist the Ministry of Agriculture in the preparation of the mid term review of the Second and final Cycle of the EC FSP 2002 Programme and to monitor the implementation and progress of policy reforms promoted by the 2002 FSP as well as of other conditionalities.    read more >> End date 2006

Development Concept Holiday Resort in Central Slovakia

Preparation of an investment project for a Dutch investor. Activities: location search and analysis, design master plan, architectural study, due diligence.    read more >> End date 2006

Leader Preparation TA Project: Mapping Component

The main objective of this assignment was the finalization of the mapping of Slovak rural areas, with specific emphasis on identification of regions best-suited for Leader approach.    read more >> End date 2006

Support to the Customs Administration in Preparation of the Business Change Management Plan and IT Strategy

The global objective of this assignment was to support the Customs Administration of the Republic of Croatia to introduce an overall strategic business and IT development framework ...    read more >> End date 2006

Training to the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affaires

Complex training programme on change management, conflict management and time management related to the Social Welfare reform and Pension Reform to the Ministry’s senior management staff within the frame of World Bank’s Social Benefit Reform Administration Project.    read more >> End date 2005

Establishment and Management of a Human Resource Development Fund

Project aiming at the Establishment of a human resource development fund, Development of management training and Delivery of management training.    read more >> End date 2005

Improvement of Environmental Education in Slovakia

The main objective of the project is to improve the environmental education at primary and secondary schools in Slovakia.    read more >> End date 2005

Management in Public Administration and Democratic Control of the Local Government through Active Provision of Information

Project management and support for implementing the project in Serbia.    read more >> End date 2005

Improvement of Environmental Education in Slovakia

The project activities include revision of the environmental curriculum, development and distribution of up-dated educational materials as well as training of trainers and teachers to increase their skills in providing environmental education.    read more >> End date 2005

Sustainable Development Strategy of the High Tatras Region

Project awarded by the Slovak Government as the best sustainable development strategy for the High Tatras region.    read more >> End date 2005

Project Pipeline for EU Structural Funds

The aim of the project was to help Regional Self-Governments to overtake the responsibility for the implementation of the structural funds in the next programming period 2007 – 2013 and to prepare the project pipeline for potential funding from EU Structural Funds.    read more >> End date 2005