Support to Administrative Justice in Ukraine

The general objective of this contract was to support the Higher Administrative Court of Ukraine and the Delegation of the European Commission to Ukraine in the preparation ...    read more >> End date 2008

Support of the reform of the Justice Program in Algeria MEDA

The objective was to help to consolidate the rule of law in Algeria, promote peace and stability in the region, intensify cooperation of human rights, democracy and good governance.    read more >> End date 2008

National Crusade against Counterfeiting Products

The main objective, on the behalf of the beneficiaries, was to accomplish an independent review on improving the legal and institutional framework for facilitating effective IPR protection and enforcement of anti-counterfeiting and piracy measures at the national level.    read more >> End date 2008

Programme of Assistance to the South African Government to Prevent, React to human trafficking and provide Support to the victims of the crime

The overall objective of this programme was to ensure full compliance with the Palermo Protocol, including the development of comprehensive legislation ...    read more >> End date 2008

Support to the capacity building and networking of Belarusian Non Governmental Organizations and Local Authorities

The global objective of the assignment is to increase the level of participation, the involvement of the Belarusian NGOs and local authorities as project partners in different EU initiatives in the field of civil society, as well as to improve the quality of the proposals submitted.    read more >> End date 2007

Implementation of the Access to Public Information Act (APIA) in Bulgaria

Project management and support for implementing the APIA in Bulgaria.    read more >> End date 2006

Promotion of the Rule of Law and Civic Education

TA to the Ministry of Justice, represented by the Solicitor General & Secretary for Justice, in its role of supervisor and coordinator of the new project, as well as in the coordination of donors’ support to institutions of the legal sector.    read more >> End date 2006

Management in Public Administration and Democratic Control of the Local Government through Active Provision of Information

Project management and support for implementing the project in Serbia.    read more >> End date 2005

Implementation of Freedom of Information Act in Slovakia

Implementation of the new accepted Freedom of Information Act in Slovakia.    read more >> End date 2004

Implementation of Acquis and Enhanced Competition Advocacy

Institutional building for the Slovak Anti-Monopoly Office.    read more >> End date 2003

Feasibility Study on Cadastre in Poland

Analysis and recommendations on organisation, financing, computerisation and staffing of the Polish Cadastral System, ...    read more >> End date 1998

Technical Assistance to the PMU Cadastre in Slovakia

Provision of a medium-term local expert in Phare programming and project implementation.    read more >> End date 1998

Technical Assistance to the Cadastre

Advice to the Slovak Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Authority on improvement of land registration.    read more >> End date 1998