"Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment of Serbia Transitional Agricultural Reform Project (Star) and Environmental Management Plan for National Park Stara Planina "

The objective of the assignment was to prepare Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) study together with Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for STAR Project. The assignment will include:

Task 1: Environment Impact Assessment for the STAR Project
Task 2: Specific Environment Impact Assessment for Component 3 of the STAR Project- Sustainable Land Use and Ecological Management of the Stara Planina Nature Park
The purpose of this Environmental Assessment was to evaluate IACP potential environmental risks and impacts in the area of project influence; examine project alternatives; identify ways of improving project activities selection, planning, design, and implementation by preventing, minimizing, mitigating, or compensating for adverse environmental impacts and enhancing positive impacts; and include the process of mitigating and managing adverse environmental impacts throughout and beyond project implementation.

Start date 2007
End date 2007
Status completed
Country Serbia
Beneficiary Ministry of Environment
Funding WorldBank/GEF
Tags South Eastern Europe, Environment
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