Technical assistance in the preparation and implementation of the Sava River Basin Management Plan




The overall objective of the project of was to facilitate the approximation to the EU environmental acquis especially in the field of water through the identification of priority objectives common to the Beneficiaries as a whole and by encouraging a more strategic focus to the use of available financing and ensuring coordinated action between all planning and financial instruments operating in the region, in particular as regards integrated river basin management according to the WFD (also including navigation, hydropower, flood prevention and agriculture).

Results achieved

·      The main result of this project was the preparation of the Sava River Basin Management Plan in close coordination with the Sava Commission. River basin planning also includs flood risk planning, navigation planning, hydropower planning and other major water-related developments in the basin.  

·      Facilitation of the public participation process.

·      Development of a follow-up strategy that sets out a work programme for the Sava region and for the individual countries to guide the work from the first to the second RBMP (due for 2015).


A) Data collection and knowledge building

(1)               Detailed gap analysis: identification of all gaps  in the collection and availability of data that need to be resolved for the development of the RBMP.

(2)               Assessment of the existing national and Danube basin wide monitoring networks,  identify gaps at the level of the Sava river basin and develop a strategy to fill these gaps;

(3)               Assistance to water management authorities to prepare basic data needed for developing the RBM plan;

(4)               Assistance to water management authorities to develop methodologies that can be used in situations where there is insufficient data;

(5)               Identification of data gaps that need to be resolved for the subsequent RBM cycle (until 2015);

B) Establishing elements of the river basin management plan

(1)               Update of a Road Map for preparation of the Sava RBM Plan;

(2)               Update of the gaps in the Sava River Basin Analysis Report, such as the river basin characterisation, including water body delineation, typology of surface watersand pressure analysis;

(3)               Update of the assessment of the status of surface waters and ground waters in the Sava river basin and harmonising the different existing assessment methods;

(4)               Update of the designation of heavily modified water bodies/hydromorphological conditions;

(5)               Update of the economic analysis of water uses relevant at the basin-wide scale;

(6)               Update of the setting of environmental objectives for surface waters and ground waters in the Sava river basin;

(7)               Established inventory of protected areas in the Sava river basin;

(8)               Key background documents on Sava basin wide significant water management issues;

(9)               Key background documents for the Sava RBM Plan development on key WFD requirements (e.g. ecologic status, economy, etc.);

(10)           Programmes of Measures (short-term, medium-term and long-term) (technical, administrative-institutional and economical) to deal with key water management issues of transboundary relevance, including cost issues of the Programme of Measures;

(11)           Integrated Sava River Basin Management Plan;

(12)           Technical supporting documents and material, such as maps, figures, etc.;

(13)           Two specific workshops organized with experts of the beneficiary countries to discuss in-depth main elements of the RBMP (such as issues related to ecological status and integration with other water uses);

C) Integrating water protection in other developments in the Sava basin

(1)               Identified key developments in water related areas (e.g. of future infrastructure projects and projected future water uses such as navigation, hydropower, flood protection, agriculture,) and assessment of the implications of these developments;

(2)               Proposed integration of water protection elements in these developments;

(3)               Assessment of the impact of these developments on water management (in particular on ecological status);

D) Involving stakeholders and the public

(1)               Prepared and implemented the process for public information and consultation in all phases of development of Sava RBMP;

(2)               Support in the dissemination and publicity of the final RBMP;

(3)               Organisation of a stakeholder forum to discuss the findings of the draft RBM Plan;

E) Prepare strategy for follow-up

(1)               Identified related financing and investment needs to implement the Programme of Measures;

Preparation of a thorough review of the strengths and weaknesses of the Sava RBMP including a  detailed gap analysis which would serve as the basis for the preparation of a subsequent work programme on international and national level for the period 2011 to 2015; 

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