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Training on Best Agricultural Practice
At August 14th 2006, consortium consisting of VVMZ East European Investment Service B.V. from the Netherlands (leader) and Environmental Institute from Slovakia have started implementation of the World Bank financed project Training on Best Agricultural Practice. The project is a first component of the DREPR (Danube River Enterprise Pollution Reduction Project) that is being implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture of Serbia. 

Activities of the project:

  1.     Training of the trainers at TIC (Training and Information Center at the Institute for Animal Husbandry) and development of the training materials that will be later used by TIC trainers with local refinements.  The trainings are being developed according to the EU standards in eight (8) areas:
    1.         Policies and Regulation Standards for EU Nitrate and Animal By-Products Directive
    2.         Manure and Slurry Storage, Handling and Processing
    3.         Plant Nutrient Management
    4.         Handling, Treatment and Recycling of Slaughterhouse Waste
    5.         Soil and Water Monitoring
    6.         Agricultural Engineering / Civil Engineering
    7.         Organization and Effective Operation of Agricultural Advisory Service
    8.         Farm Economy
  2.     Preparation of the farm nutrient/manure management plans on selected representative farms and a slaughter animal waste management plan for selected slaughterhouse;


The project is being implemented by international experts form Slovakia, Czech Republic, Netherlands and the UK with close cooperation with the local experts from Serbia.

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